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    The links below lead to documents which I wrote based on personal experience as well as what I have found written by others on the web. The list will be in a constant state of being updated as Siri continues to be given more abilities with each IOS upgrade. Below you will see the links break down the document which I sent around to many people a while ago. The way they are broken down may make it easier for you to focus

 on an area of your own interest.


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Please be aware, when you are not on WIFI, Siri will run up your data use. If you don't have a lot of data on your plan or unlimited data, please take care of how much you use Siri. Also, Siri does tend to drain battery levels and that needs to be taken into consideration when using it for prolonged periods before you can charge the device again.

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 Siri General Facts and Controls: Siri can be asked to provide general information on facts one would find in an encyclopedia, an atlas, or any other forms of centralized data. Siri can also aid in its own management of battery status, WIFI connection, or its brightness and sound settings. Take a look at the pretty long list of general operations Siri can do by reading the linked document I have created.




 Siri Searching: Siri can Search Everything from the Internet, the app store, the websites of any store, a library, anything you can think of, just read the document I wrote to know the way to ask the questions.

Siri Navigating: Siri can help you navigate as you are walking, driving, or riding as a passenger. Check out the type of things you can ask Siri to do by looking at the linked document which I wrote on this capability.


Siri Emailing: Siri can do anything from read you your emails, write the emails you dictate, find certain emails from a large list and lots more. If you look at the linked document, I wrote you will see the things Siri can do if asked the correct way.

Siri Fun: Siri can give you some pretty interesting answers to some everyday questions. The answers might make you laugh, or they might make you scratch your head wondering why it gave that response. The answers can be different each time you ask, so ask the questions that I have written up in the linked document and have a little fun with your virtual assistant.


Siri Scheduling: Siri can help so you never miss another appointment again. Siri can note the times, dates and participants as well as the location of appointment or meetings. If asked the correct way, Siri will send invitations to people in your contact list of an appointment with you. They can accept and if they do, and they have an iPhone the appointment or meeting will automatically be added to their schedule. Siri can tell you your schedule for the day, week or month, and also warn you if you try to schedule an appointment at the same time one is already on your calendar. Take a look at the linked document to see what I wrote about these options.


Siri Pictures: Siri can make taking pictures happen literally in a flash. You can ask Siri to take picture and the camera app will open and a photo will be taken. You can have Siri find photos of specific dates or events if you labeled them correctly. Look at the attached linked document I wrote about this capability of Siri.



Siri Timer and Alarms: Siri can set a timer as well as several alarms for you. Siri can tell you, when asked, just how much time is left on the timer. If you need to set multiple timers, you can set alarms instead. They donít give you the time remaining, but they let you set an alarm for an event hours, day, or weeks in advance.  Check out the ways to ask Siri to work with Timers and Alarms through the linked document I wrote on this feature.,


Siri Notes: Siri can create, edit and read notes you tell it to do.  You can make a note of what to ask someone when you see them, what happened during a call, what you spent over the course of the day, in other words, whatever you want to make a note about.


 Siri Phone: Siri can assist in making phone calls hands free, calling someone in your contacts, returning calls, making a call on speaker phone and more. Look at the items in this link to a document I wrote on this capability.


Siri Music and Movies: Siri can control the volume of mus    ic and movies with a simple request. Siri can also find the right music you ask for each time. Take a look at the ways to ask Siri to make it easier with finding and playing music and videos by reading the linked document I wrote on this feature.



Note: There is a graphic on this page which has yet to be coded for accessibility. It is in the upper left corner of the page. It is before the name of this Page, Siri by Such A Site. The graphic is a light grayish computer with the screen smiling. Its arms and hands extend from the sides of the monitor. The hands are typing on the computer's own keyboard. The graphic is animated by the hands and arms moving as it types. This was chosen because Siri basically is typing on its own keyboard when we dictate to it.