This page is dedicated to the use of Voice Over, the Built-In Screen Reader Which Comes with All iPhones and iPads. This page Covers the Basic Commands Which Are Finger Gestures, to Control The iPhone and iPad Itself, and also how to customize the speech of Voice Over for best use by an individual. This page also provides The instructions of how to Use Voice Over with A Large Variety of Built-In Apps and Third-Party Apps. Examples of The Apps Are: Email, Text Messages, Notes, Voice Memos, Safari with the Internet, Contacts, Seeing AI, Face Book, BARD Mobile, Lazerillo, Apple Music, and much more.


In the Links listed below, often you will find several from different sources  which cover the same topic. I am doing this in order to give you as many ways to learn how to fully use the iPhone or iPad.   as possible.


This page is posted by Glenda Such, please feel free to write me at suchasite1@gmail.com


The following is a list of the Voice Over areas addressed on this page. This includes its use with many other apps. To go to one of the topics, double tap, enter, or click and it will take you to that part of this page:

Introduction to Voice Over


Gestures to Use Voice Over: Beginner’s Level

Gestures to Use Voice Over: Advanced Level


Sounds and Voices

Phone Class and Voicemail

Typing On devices Such As iPhones and iPads

Editing Text: Copying, Cutting, Pasting, Correcting


Notes App


Calendar and Appointments

Settings of iPhone and iPad

3D Touch

App Store

Text Messages

Timer, Alarms, and Stop Watch

Internet, Safari, and Searching

Recording Voice Memos

Seeing AI App

Lyft App

BARD: Mobile Access to NLS Books

Lazerillo Navigation and GPS App

Face Book

Music from Apple

Garage Band

Voice Stream Reader


Video Games

iPad Introduction on Its Accessibility

iPad Introduction to Voice Over

iPad Email

iPad Internet, Safari, Searching

iPad Multi-Tasking


Introduction To Voice Over:

Introduction to Apple’s Voice Over on iPhone and iPad Voice Over: General Overview of Uses and Commands by Apple




Flicking Action Described: A paper written by Glenda V. Such, M. Ed. On alternative ways to help people understand how to do the flick action which is so important in using Voice Over on the iPhone and iPad.

Flicking Action to Use Voice Over on iPad and iPhone

Practice Page For Those Learning The Gesture of Flicking When Using Voice Over on An Apple Device. Click on This Link For a basic workbook page for Students of Glenda Such as well as any other person learning the flicking gesture.


Gestures To Use Voice Over, Beginners Level:

Gestures To Use When Using  Voice Over: An Introduction 101, Part one

Gestures For Using Voice Over by Hadley Institute

Gestures For Using Apple Devices: A full list by Apple Vis Website


Gestures To Use Voice Over: Advanced Level:

Advanced Voice Over Gestures by Hadley Institute


Roader on the iPhone and iPad by Hadley Institute

Roader: VoiceOver 101: How To Use the  Rotor | Life After Sight Loss

Roader: Using iOS Voiceover Rotor

Roader: Using it to Control features of Voice Over

 Roader and Adding Elements: Voice Over and  Advanced Roader Options by Hadley Institute

Sounds And Voices:

Customize Voice Over: Speaking Rate, Voice Gender and Sound, Verbosity, Etc.

Bluetooth Keyboard When Customizing Voice Over Setting (Not same as flicking)

Volume of iPhone: How to Make the Sound on an iPhone a Little Louder Than the Maximum That the iPhones are Set to Reach.

Enhanced Voices On iPhones: How to Find Them and Select the One You Prefer


Phone Calls And Voice Mail:

Phone Calls: Making A Phone Call with Voice Over

Voicemail Sharing: How to Share A Voice Mail with Someone Else by Use of Voice Over



Typing On IPhones and iPads

 Typing on iPhone and iPad by Hadley Institute


Editing Text, Copying, Cutting, Pasting,  Correcting:

Editing Text with The Roader of Voice Over


Copying and Pasting While Using Voice Over

Editing Text with Voice Over



Composing and Sending email using Voice Over by Hadley Institute.

Reading and Sending Emails while Using Voice Over.

Attachments in Email: Lesson by Glenda Such, A Step By Step Set of Instructions on

 reading and Saving attachments.  

Emojis in Emails and other apps, Voice Over 101, Using Emojis, by the Blind Life


Deleting Multiple Emails While Using Voice Over


Notes App:

 Notes App on iPhone: Exploring the Notes app on iPhone by Hadley Institute



Contacts: Adding A New Contact with Voice Over


 Contacts: Adding a New Contact on the iPhone by Hadley Institute

Contacts, adding a new contact to your iPhone.


Calendar And Appointments:

             Calendar: Creating Calendar Event on iPhone by Hadley Institute



Settings on iPhone and iPad: Searching in Settings on iPhone by Hadley Institute

Setting Accessibility Shortcuts on iPhone by Hadley Institute

Turning Off Hints: Voice Over 101

Notification and Control Center: How to Access It and Use Them

Turning Your iPad Into A CCTV (video magnifier)



3D Touch:

3D Touch:3D Touch on the Desktop by Hadley Institute


App Store:

App Store: Using the App Store: Searching and downloading while using Voice Over

Purchases from App Store: How to View with Voice Over, All Apps Purchased Whether Free or With a Price


Text Messages:

Text Messages, Sending them by use of Siri.

Sending Audio Message on iPhone by Hadley Institute


Timer, Alarms, and Stop Watch:

Timer on the iPhone by Hadley Institute

Stop Watch on the iPhone by Hadley Institute 


Internet and Safari:


Internet: Navigating It with Voice Over


Searching the Internet with Safari on iPhone or iPad by Hadley Institute

Setting Bookmarks in Safari by Hadley Institute

Safari Reader on iPhone and iPad by Hadley Institute

You Tube Search: Lesson on Searching for a Video on You Tube when Using Voice Over and Starting with Siri. Written by Glenda V. Such. Click on this link to learn the step by step process to search for items of interest on You Tube.

You Tube Sharing What You Found:  A Lesson on How To Share a You Tube Video or website while Using Voice Over via Email. Written by Glenda V. Such. Click on this Link to Find a Step by Step lesson on how to Share what you Have found with Someone Else.

Five Important Voice Commands Everyone Should Know for Using Siri and Google


Recording Voice Memos:

 Recording a Voice Memo on the iPhone by Hadley Institute


Seeing AI App:

Seeing AI App Tutorial for reading Short Text, Documents, Bar Codes, Face Recognition, Scene Identification, Money Identification, Color Identification, and Light Detection.


Lyft, A Travel App Just Like Uber: 

Lyft: How to Use It with Voice Over from Start to Finish



BARD: Mobile Access App to NLS Books:


 BARD On iPhone and Androids

BARD User Guide, the full version, on NLS Website by clicking or entering on this link you will be right at the beginning of the guide.


BARD Mobile on the iPhone, a Complete overview of the App and the Process to Use it to Browse, Select, Download, and Read with Personalized Controls, Written by Gaye Vile Elborn, M. Ed. Times 3.

 Using BARD with voice over by Hadley Institute

Downloading a Hadley Institute for the Blind Course onto the BARD app


Lazerillo Navigation and GPS App:

Lazerillo On The iPhone: How to Use the App with Voice Over


Face Book:

Face Book Social Network With Voice Over

Facebook Review: How It Works with Voice Over


Facebook: How to Give A Video A Like Rating with Voice Over

Music From Apple Music:


Music Library: Exploring the Music Library on iPhone by Hadley Institute Music Playlist: Creating a Music Playlist by Hadley Institute

Garage Band:

Garage Band for People who are blind by use of voice over.

Voice stream Reader App:

Voice stream Reader app with Voice Over by Hadley Institute



iBook’s: Reading and Using their features by Hadley Institute



Handwriting on the iPhone by Hadley Institute


Video Games:

Video Games for the Blind or Visually Impaired


For the IPAD Alone



iPad Accessibility Features Course - Lesson 1 - Introduction

iPad Accessibility Options: Using the Roader

iPad Accessibility Features Course - Lesson 6 - Black on White

iPad Accessibility Features Course - Lesson 3 - VoiceOver

iPad and Using Email with Voice Over

Emailing: Using email with voice over on iPad

iPad and Using Safari on The Internet while Using Voice Over for Access

iPad and Using Siri for Various Tasks

Multi-tasking on the iPad with iOS 11 and Voice Over | Life After Sight Loss



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