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This page contains links to other pages of information copied from various websites. I give the name of the website from which it was copied in the beginning of each part of the page. The places I found the information which I have gathered here in one place are: the US Department of Education, the US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, the Department of Justice, the American Foundation for the Blind, the National Technical Advisory Center at Mississippi State University, the Law Memo, the ADA National Network, and Vision Aware, plus many more.,


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Phone Numbers and Other Contact Information to Ask Questions Whether They Are General or Specific and Get Advice and/or Directions on Issues Relating to the Americanís with Disabilities Act (ADA). This is a Number to Call Even if You Are Not Sure if Your Issue Actually Falls Under the ADA.


Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), a Thorough Understandable Overview of the Act by Vision Aware.


Rehab Act of 1973 for the Federal Sector, which was passed 27 years before the ADA, this is an Overview


Rehab Act of 1973 and how it Compares with the ADA, copied from the website


 The ADA National Network Disability Law Handbook | ADA National Network


FAQs posed About the ADA from the website of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission




What is the Americanís with Disabilities Act Title I and Title V About and How Do They Impact People who have Disabilities by the EQUAL EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITY COMMISSION


What is Section 501 and Section 505 of the Rehabilitation Act and How Does it Impact People with Disabilities?


Events, Meetings, Conferences, Conventions, and all other gatherings and how they have to comply with the ADA. This page includes a long list of the components of those activities which includes registration, handouts, audio video portions used by speakers, seating, and most anything you can think of is addressed in the information that was put together for distribution by the ADA on Hospitality Site.


Small Business Guide from the Department of Justice and the website. A full guide for determination which small businesses are subject to the ADA, what things do they need to provide or change, and information for people with disabilities on the course of action to take to receive what is laid out in this guide. It has many links within the guide itself, it is very comprehensive.


Service animals and the ADA. Which animals are considered to be service animals, what they are entitled to do and where? What questions can the proprietor of a business ask of the user of the service animal and not be violating their civil rights. Then a section on what the person who is using the service animal can do if denied their rights under the ADA.


Low Vision and Job Accommodations by the Job Accommodation Network (JAN). A full and thorough explanation about what low vision is, some conditions people have, how it impacts on performing certain tasks, and what accommodations they are entitled to under the ADA. There is also a large list of sample cases of people with low vision doing certain jobs and the steps that were taken or not taken by their employers.


 This link will take you to a page of the Results of a Search I performed for cases relating to Blind and Low Vision on the EQUAL EMPLOYMENT OPPORTUNITY COMMISSION data base


Students with Disabilities who are Preparing to Attend Secondary Education Institutions, by the Department of Education

Legal Requirements of Hiring Someone with a Visual Impairment, by National Technical Assistance Center, Mississippi State University


Guide to Legal Rights Resources for Someone who is Visually Impaired, by the American Foundation for the Blind


What are a public or Private Universityís Responsibilities to Students with Disabilities, by the site


Americanís with Disabilities Act and Your Rights as a Student.


Check List for Compliance by Health Care Facilities and Providers Under the Americanís with Disabilities Act.

Check List for Existing Facilities For Compliance Under the ADA.


Questions and Answers Employers asked the Law Memo Site, by the Law Memo, some of the answers are blunt but honest by the legal system.