Siri can search all kinds of things, the app store, the Internet, individual sites of stores, and much more. Look at the types of things you can ask siri to find for you:


1.                     Hey Siri search the app store for free faxing

2.      Hey Siri search the app store for apps for the Visually Impaired

3.      Hey Siri search the app store for Accessible Games



1.      Siri search Google for recipes for matzoh ball soup.

Hey Siri search Independent aids dot com for color detectors with light detector. Siri search for places on the web to find free audio books.

2.      laucoma.

1.       Hey Siri search Wikipedia for information about Searching using Twitter Siri search Twitter for tweets by The President today.

2.      Hey Siri search You Tube for using voice over on my iPhone.

3.      into my Epson 640 Printer

4.      Hey Siri search You Tube for what to do to use my fingerprints to buy things in the app store? (instead of always having to enter your password)



4.      Sea


1.      e for how to use the app Seeing AI

2.      Hey Siri search You Tube for how to use the I Pad with Low Vision

3.      Hey Siri search You Tube for how to do the Electric Slide line dance

Hey Siri zzsh sandwich?Hey Siri how many calories in a an of light beer?

Commands for music and movies  (if have Apple music?)

1.      Hey Siri play my Star Wars Movie.

2.      Hey Siri Pause my movie.

3.      Hey Siri resume my movie.

4.      Hey Siri what is the latest thriller movie?

5.      Hey Siri buy the movie Frozen by Walt Disney.

6.      Hey Siri what movies can I see tonight?

7.      Hey Siri find relaxation music with nature.

8.      Hey Siri find Guided Meditation music.

9.      Hey Siri who is this song by but you have to hold down the home button to ask because Siri canít hear you over the music being played. Once Siri answers, Siri will return to playing the song right where it left off.


Again, the things Siri can do is vast but donít ask Siri to list your music because you will probably get the answer, Sorry I canít search your music but you can ask me to play something.






Hey Siri, what is the price of a U.S. stamp?