Siri and Using the Phone Features of the iPhone on Such A site 

Siri Assisting with Phone Features on the iPhone on such A site 

If you want Siri to help you with doing various tasks using the phone part of the iPhone you need to say:

  1. Hey Siri Call Jane Doe.
  2. Hey Siri call my mother on her cell phone.
  3. Hey Siri “call my home.
  4. Hey Siri “Call 215 555 5555
  5. Hey Siri “Redial the last number.
  6. Hey Siri “Call back my last missed call.
  7. Hey Siri “Call 911on speaker phone.
  8. Hey Siri Call George’s mobile phone on speaker phone.
  9. Hey Siri Call my Dentist right away.