This page is dedicated to information relating to Stargardts Disease.


First, you should know that Stargardts Disease is caused by the mutation of the ABCA4 Gene. That gene is also the one causing Retinitis Pigmentosa, Cone Rod Dystrophy, Macular Degeneration, and a host of other Retinal Diseases.


I have had the diagnosis of Fundus flavimaculatus as well as stargardts for many years.

My case became rare when the disease progressed into my peripheral field. Over the course of many years, my vision kept dropping and that could not be explained. The progression of the vision loss made a huge jump literally overnight and I became totally blind in August 2017.


I would like anyone who had their vision loss progress anywhere near like mine, to contact me. I would like to centralize our numbers rather than each of us be a rare case in our geographical location. My email address is


Now, here are links to information for anyone with Stargardts, or if you know anyone who has the disease. The links cover everything from a basic explanation of Stargardts or Fundus flavimaculatus   to research that has or is being done on the disease.


National Eye Institute on Stargardts Disease, what it is, the symptoms, the prognosis, the genetics, the research being done, and much more.


Stargardts Disease Fully Explained by the American Academy of Ophthalmology.


All About Visionís Rare Diseases Page on Stargardts Disease


Gene Therapy on Stargardts Completed and Being Done through assistance of Bright Focus Foundation


Research Gate Website with Story on prominent ABCA4 Gene researcher, Albert Maguire from University of PA