This page is dedicated to the Apple iPhone and a little about the iPad. On this page you will find resources to learn how to change settings on the iPhone to reduce battery drainage, change sounds and notifications, signature lines, previews of text messages and emails, and beyond that there are direct links to user's guides, manuals, tips and tricks for iPhone 6 and 6 plus, 6s, 7 and 7 Plus, 8 and 8 plus, and 10. In addition, a good amount of this page will provide information for   users of Voice Over screen reader to do  various tasks   and to use many different apps or sites. Then for all users, there will be links to resources for trouble shooting problems which are sometimes experienced by iPhone users.


To do this, I will provide either links to You Tube Videos, websites, my own documents with my instructions written out for anyone to use and share.




Overview of the iPhone for beginners or people who switched from Androids. It is also for any senior who inherited their family’s older iPhone when they upgraded to a newer model. It gives the real overview even covering what buttons are located on the side of the phone. Click or enter on this link to watch the video on You Tube.


 Getting Started with the iPhone but this video does not describe the iPhone 10 physically but does do a wonderful job from

iPhone 6 and straight up until iPhone 8.



 Ways to decrease battery drainage.


Possibly 12 mistakes you might be making when  charging your iPhone


Five Ways to speed up charging your iPhone.


Clean up your iPhone or iPad in less than 10 minutes


100 New IOS 12 Features


Best IOS 12.1 new Features


What is new in IOS .12.1.2?


Beginner Users Guide for iPhone 6


iPhone 6 Users, Here are 30 Advanced Features for you to check out


User's Guide for iPhone 6s


25 Tricks and Tips for iPhone 6s


A complete Users Guide for iPhone 7


20 not so obvious tricks on the iPhone 7


25 Tips and tricks for the iPhone 7


First Eight Things to do with the iPhone 8


User's Guide and Tutorial for iPhone 8


Everything you need to know about the iPhone 8 in six minutes


iPhone 8 and 8 plus 25 things you did not know


IOS 12 on the iPhone 8 video on You Tube


25 Things you might not know about iPhone 8 and 8 plus


Beginner's Guide to iPhone 10


25 tips and tricks for iPhone 10


Manual that Apple forgot to make for IPhone 10 by Mack Observer


Complete Guide to Using the iPhone 10


How a Blind person uses iPhone X


Creating a Virtual Home Button on the iPhone 10


How to change any sound on all the iPhone such as incoming calls, new text messages, new mail, etc.


How to Change the Voice of Siri


Audio Recorded Lesson on Dictating Text Messages, Emails, etc. by Glenda Such, note: when done listening, if you are on a computer, you have to close the program that came up to play the recording. One way would be to hold down the alt key and tap the F4 key to close the program and return to this site. .


How to Delete Text Messages


How to Use Text Replacements to decrease the amount of time you have to type the same thing over and over again.


How to Make Three way calls on iPhone


Putting new ring tones on your iPhone 


How to transfer music from your iPhone or iPad to your computer


The following links are for people who use or want to know how to use Voice Over Screen Reader on the iPhone and iPad. The Voice Over provides speech output of information on the screen if the app is programmed correctly. This section will be growing weekly if not sooner. This section does not address the apps used by people with a visual impairment or blindness, that will soon be covered in a separate page of my site. See the below for many resources for performing various tasks on the iPhone and some on the iPad as well as how to use some apps with the Voice Over access.



Beginning Voice Over Gestures by Hadley Institute


A full list of Voice Over Gestures by Apple Vis Website


Advanced Voice Over Gestures by Hadley Institute


Using the Rotor to Control features of Voice Over


Adding Elements to the Roader by Hadley Institute


Typing on iPhone and iPad by Hadley Institute


Exploring the Notes app on iPhone by Hadley Institute


Adding a New Contact on the iPhone by Hadley Institute


Creating Calendar Event on iPhone by Hadley Institute

Searching in Settings on iPhone by Hadley Institute


Recording a Voice Memo on the iPhone by Hadley Institute


Timer on the iPhone by Hadley Institute


Stop Watch on the iPhone by Hadley Institute 


Searching the Internet with Safari on iPhone or iPad by Hadley Institute


Setting Bookmarks in Safari by Hadley Institute


Safari Reader on iPhone and iPad by Hadley Institute


Sending Audio Message on iPhone by Hadley Institute


Setting Accessibility Shortcuts on iPhone by Hadley Institute


3D Touch on the Desktop by Hadley Institute


Using the App Store: Searching and downloading while using Voice Over


Seeing AI App Tutorial for reading Short Text, Documents, Bar Codes, Face Recognition, Scene Identification, Money Identification, Color Identification, and Light Detection.



BARD User Guide, the full version, on NLS Website by clicking or entering on this link you will be right at the beginning of the guide.


Using BARD with voice over by Hadley Institute


Exploring the Music Library on iPhone by Hadley Institute


Creating a Music Playlist by Hadley Institute


Garage Band for People who are blind by use of voice over.


Voice stream Reader app with Voice Over by Hadley Institute


 Using Face book with Voice Over


Ibooks: Reading and Using their features by Hadley Institute


Downloading a Hadley Institute for the Blind Course onto the BARD app


Handwriting on the iPhone by Hadley Institute


Video Games for the Blind or Visually Impaired


For the IPAD Alone


Using email with voice over on iPad


Trouble Shooting or basic maintenance


Getting Ready to Sell or if Having Problems with iPhone or iPad, here are Trouble Shooting Options


If your screen stays black check out this option


device is disabled, screen presently black, or won’t turn on try this video


Want to change your Apple password, try this option


About to sell your iPhone or iPad, check this out first and be prepared


If your iPhone or iPad is stuck on the Apple boot screen and won’t go any further, try this option


Another set of directions if your iPhone or iPad is stuck in a boot loop with the Apple screen not moving to the home page, try this as well


Lost your Apple ID password try this option