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Here are the Document on the Built in Facebook Keyboard shortcuts which is shareable from the Facebook Program.


Be aware, if one of these keyboard shortcuts conflict with a key used by your screen reader, you will need to use your program’s “pass through” key. In JAWS this is the insert and the number 3 on the QWERTY keyboard. I am not knowledgeable at this time of the pass-through key on other screen reading programs. But to use the pass through in order to bypass the conflict of the JAWS program with the command of Facebook, you would press insert and tap the number 3 on the QWERTY Keyboard, then do the shortcut keyboard command that Facebook has listed below.



Action Shortcuts

Some shortcuts help you do things such as like, comment or share something on Facebook. These shortcuts only use one keyboard key.

J and K - Scroll between News Feed stories

enter/return - See more of the selected story

P - Post a new status

L - Like or unlike the selected story

C - Comment on the selected story 

S - Share the selected story 

O - Open an attachment from the selected story

/ - Search

Q - Search chat contacts

? - Open a list of these keyboard shortcuts while in News Feed

We also have shortcuts that help you navigate to different parts of Facebook, such as your timeline, notifications or settings. These shortcuts use key combinations that are specific to each web browser (example: Firefox, Internet Explorer) and a number key. Key Combinations for Web Browsers lists the combination of keys for different web browsers, and Navigation Shortcuts lists the number keys for each part of Facebook.

To use a navigation shortcut, replace # from the combinations below with the number key for where you want to go. For example, if you're using Safari for Mac and want to see your notifications, press control + option + 5.

Key Combinations for Web Browsers

Internet Explorer for PC: Alt + #, then Enter

Firefox for PC: Shift + Alt + #

Safari for Mac: control + option + #

Firefox for Mac: control + option + #

Chrome for Mac: control + option + #

Chrome for PC: Alt + #

Navigation Shortcuts

0 - Help

 1 - Home

 2 - Timeline

 3 - Friends

 5 – Notifications

 6 – Settings

 7 - Activity Log

 8 - About

 9 - Terms

Using Keyboard Shortcuts with Screen Readers

Most common screen readers (example: VoiceOver, JAWS) support Facebook's keyboard shortcuts automatically.

If you're using JAWS 16.0.2136 or higher, you first need to turn on Allow Web Application Reserved Keystrokes in the JAWS Settings Center or Quick Settings.

To turn on shortcuts for JAWS:

1.Use Insert + F2.

2.Select Run Settings Center.

3.Search for "web app."

4.Check the box next to Allow Web Applications Reserved Keystrokes. Make sure that you edit the default file.

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