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 This page on Such A Site is dedicated to Low Vision, Legal Blindness, Visual Impairments, Functional and total Blindness. I will try to provide people with as much information, resources, explanations, definitions, connections, data, and anything else I can think of which might be of interest or of need in this area of life.



Glossary of Diseases which Can Cause Low Vision from the American Foundation for The Blind


Legally Blind Vision, What Does That Mean?


Low Vision and Legal Blindness Terms Explained by the American Foundation for the Blind


Defining Legally Blind.


Levels of Low Vision by the Circle of Blind Mice.


Peripheral Vision, how it is Different from Central Vision, Put it to the Test by Scientific America


Bioptic Driving, Explained.




Driving with Bioptic Glasses with Low Vision.



List of the National Resources Providing Services, information, Referrals, Support, or other Assistance for People Who Have or are Interested in Low Vision, a Visual Impairment, are Functionally or Totally Blind


USC Roski Eye Institute's retinal prosthesis Works for Patient


Eye Care News Daily to See the Latest News from Researchers and Ophthalmologists


Benefit Finder for People with Disabilities, it Searches for Any Benefits You Might be Entitled to Receive


Discount Tips for People with A Disability for anything from Amtrak, Tax Reductions, Medications, and much more


Benefit Checker for Seniors and Others as Well, all types of Discounts Can Be Explored through This site


Sports for People Who Have Low Vision, are Visually Impaired or are Blind, this is a list of the National Organizations and links to their Webpages


Research Centers in The United States, a Full List of the top Medical Research Centers



Eye Diseases and Conditions which Might Cause Low Vision or Blindness

 They are listed alphabetically on a connected page which you can get to by clicking or entering on this link



Simulations of Various Eye Diseases and Conditions Experienced by some with Low Vision can be viewed if you click or enter on this link




Stem Cell Therapy for Visual Impairments




Stem Cell Research for Eye Diseases Podcast with Doctor         Kondrid




Saffron to Help in the Treatment and Prevention of a Visual Impairment, A theory Being Proposed




Low Vision and the Low Vision Exam, what it is and What to Expect




Orientation and Mobility, What to Expect and Do




Visually Impaired, what is Orientation and Mobility?




Smart Homes for People Who Are Visually Impaired




Low Vision Quick Tips, How to Handle and Tell Apart your Money




Low Vision Quick Tips, Organizing the Bathroom by Hadley Institute




Low Vision Quick Tips, Organizing the Kitchen by Hadley Institute




Meal Tips for People Who have Low Vision or are Blind by CNIB



Tips for Ironing for the Visually Impaired.






Techniques of Daily Living when Someone is Visually Impaired or Blind.





What Are the differences in Being Born Blind and Becoming Blind?



Shaving Techniques for Men Who Are Visually Impaired or Blind





Techniques for Putting on Facial Make up for Women Who are Visually Impaired or Blind