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This Page is Dedicated to the practice of Mindfulness and the use of Guided Meditation to help achieve that state of mind. The below are links to a variety of resources to assist in the pursuit of daily Mindfulness. There are links below to everything from articles explaining about Mindfulness, the research done on the benefits of Meditation, a page where six Exercises for Mindfulness are listed to try and  Other links are to videos  and sound files I find to be helpful and enjoyable in my practice of Mindfulness Meditation. Some are with a guiding voice alone and others have either music or sounds of nature in their backgrounds.


Be sure to visit the part of my site on the Brain, its parts, how it works, how thoughts are made, etc. as well as my page on acupressure. Please enjoy any parts of my site you view. This as all my pages will be added to on a weekly basis.



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Practice of Mindfulness Described by article from Mindful.org

Ten Things Known About the Benefits of Meditation from Research that was completed, article from Mindful.org.


Six Mindfulness Exercises to Try Out


3 Minute Breathing Space by Bonnie Butler



10 Minute Loving Kindness Meditation by Bonnie Butler


20 Minute Mindfulness of Breath Meditation Guided by Bonnie Butler


10 Minute standing Movement meditation guided by Bonnie Butler


              25 Minute Body Scan Meditation Guided by Bonnie Butler


5 Minute Breath Body Meditation Guided by Bonnie Butler


10 Minute Mindfulness of Breath Seated Position Guided by Bonnie Butler


10 Minute Moving Towards All Sensations Body Scan  Guided by Bonnie Butler



10-minute Sound Meditation with Expanding Awareness Guided by Bonnie Butler


Mindfulness Guided Centering Meditation Journey into the Practice Guided by Binaural


Guided Meditation of Meeting Yourself by Binaural


15 Minute Mindfulness of the Breath Meditation Guided by Rachael Tobin


Five Minute Guided Meditation of Self Love



Daily 10 Minutes Mindfulness Meditation to be present


Guided Mindfulness Meditation for Freedom and Spaciousness by Sarah Raymond


20 Minute Guided Meditation to reduce stress and Anxiety by Sarah Raymond


Guided Meditation for healing and sleep by Sarah Raymond


Deep Breath Guided Meditation for Sleep


Guided Meditation for Feelings of Floating up with A Cloud


Guided Meditation with a walk along a Beach


Guided Meditation for Relaxation 

Guided Meditation with music and the Sounds of Nature

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