Siri Questions to Ask for Fun or Interesting Answers on Such A Site

This page contains over 80 questions to ask Siri for fun or interesting answers. This is either the longest list or close to it so far on the web. 


When you ask Siri the following questions, be sure to ask it again, then again, and again. The answers quite often are different each time. I have only seen a few questions with one single response given each time. Have fun and be sure to let me know if you have any for me to add to the list.



1.     Hey Siri make me laugh and then after you get the first response ask another time, then another. and another.

2.     Hey Siri Can you sing me a lullaby?

3.     Hey Siri Can you tell mean scary story.?

4.     Hey Siri are you intelligent?

5.     Hey Siri why do you vibrate?

6.     Hey Siri I am bored what should I do?

7.     Hey Siri what are you thinking?

8.     Hey Siri What do you look like?

9.     Hey Siri Do you think you are pretty?

10.  Hey Siri do you exercise?

11.  Hey Siri Sing me a song.

12.  Hey Siri I can’t sleep what should I do?

13.  Hey Siri Would you go on a date with me?

14.  Hey Siri Do you have any siblings?

15.  Hey Siri What is the meaning of life?

16.  Hey Siri I am depressed what should I do?

17.  Hey Siri I can’t sleep what can I do at night?

18.  Hey Siri What came first, the chicken or the egg?

19.  Hey Siri Why did the chicken cross the road?

20.  Hey Siri You are making me very angry.

21.  Hey Siri Do you think I am stupid?

22.  Hey Siri That was a dumb answer you gave me.

23.  Hey Siri Tell me a riddle.

24.  Hey Siri Do you drink?

25.  Hey Siri Can you rap for me?

26.  Hey Siri why are Fire Engines Red?

27.  Hey Siri am exhausted.

28.  Hey Siri what is zero divided by zero?

29.  Hey Siri what does a fox say?

30.  Hey Siri who is your favorite singer?

31.  Hey Siri who is your favorite actor or actress?

32.  Hey Siri what is your favorite movie?

33.  Hey Siri who is the best assistant?

34.  Hey Siri talk to me.

35.  Hey Siri Who’s on First?

36.  Hey Siri Read me a poem.

37.  Hey Siri read me a Haiku.

38.  Hey Siri Will you marry me?

39.  Hey Siri I’m drunk.

40.  Hey Siri What’s Inception about?

41.  Hey Siri can you tell me a knock, knock joke?

42.  Hey Siri tell me a riddle.

43.  Hey Siri Tell me about Liam.

44.  Hey Siri What should I be for Halloween?

45.  Hey Siri When is the world going to end?

46.  Hey Siri, I am your father.

47.  Hey Siri how old are you?

48.  Hey Siri how much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?

49.  Hey Siri what are you doing later?

50.  Hey Siri What is your favorite color?

51.  Hey Siri do you understand me?

52.  Hey Siri Can I kiss you?

53.  Hey Siri I love you.

54.  Hey Siri How do I look?

55.  Hey Siri Where is Elvis Presley?

56.  Hey Siri What’s the meaning of life?

57.  Hey Siri Are you on Facebook?

58.  Hey Siri, who did you vote for?

59.  Hey Siri What’s your best pickup line?

60.  Say this to her when it is late at night “Hey Siri good morning.

61.  Hey Siri Who is the Fairest of them all?

62.  Hey Siri Supercalifraagilistic expialidocious

63.  Hey Siri When will Hell freeze over?

64.  Hey Siri talk to me?

65.  Hey Siri where are you?

66.  Hey Siri if a tree falls in the forest and no one is around, will it make a noise?

67.  Hey Siri Who Made you?

68.  Hey Siri Are you Perfect?

69.  Hey Siri How Do I look today?

70.  Hey Siri are you going to take all my money?

71.  Hey Siri will you lend me some money?

72.  Hey Siri What is a good April Fools Day Prank?

73.  Hey Siri Laugh for me.

74.  Hey Siri I could cry.

75.  Hey Siri I feel like jumping off a bridge.

76.  Hey Siri do you ever sleep?

77.  Hey Siri who is your Mother?

78.  Hey Siri tell me a funny poem.

79.  Hey Siri show me the Money.

80.  Hey Siri Do you like popcorn?

81.  Hey Siri do you smoke?

82.  Hey Siri What did You Dream About Last Night?