Sports for People who Have Low Vision, are Visually Impaired, or are Blind on Such A Site



The following was copied from the website of Vision Loss Resources who give permission to share this information from their site. It is a list of organizations whose primary focus is on one or more sports. Please enjoy the list of potential new activities you or someone you know might pursue.



The Blind Judo Foundation assists athletes who are visually impaired or blind to reach their top level of independence through the practice of Judo. The organization has both paralympic and community programs.

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Blind Sailing International is an Organization that works to support, expand and further opportunities for people with visual impairment to compete in the sport of sailing. Contact the organization via their website at

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The National Beep Baseball Association facilitates and offers the adaptive version of baseball for people who are blind and those with visual impairment.

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Ski for Light, Inc. is a nonprofit, volunteer organization that works to enhance the quality of life and independence for adults with visual or mobility impairments through the activity of cross-country skiing.


The United States Association of Blind Athletes (USABA) is a nonprofit organization based in Colorado that offers a range of sports opportunities for people with visual impairment.  Some of the many sports offered include track and field, nordic and alpine skiing, biathlon, judo, wrestling, swimming, tandem cycling, powerlifting and goalball. 

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United States Blind Golf Association works to support and increase opportunities for golfers with visual impairment or blindness to compete in golf with the assistance of a sighted coach. The association hold a national tournament every dear in various locations around the United States, as well as several regional events. Clinics for children with visual impairment or blindness are also offered. 

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