Ways to Do Life’s Activities Independently with Low or No Vision on Such A Site

This page is filled with videos and websites with information on how to do the activities in life with Low or No Vision. These activities include: Cutting and slicing Food, Using common Kitchen tools, Accessing the controls of kitchen appliances, frying or baking foods, managing clothes, doing laundry, ironing, money identification and management, managing prescriptions, shaving facial hair safely, putting makeup on correctly, Writing your signature, cleaning efficiently, sewing and cutting materials, ways to use lighting more effectively,, and much more.   


This page is being posted on Such A Site by Glenda Such. Please feel free to write me at: suchasite1@gmail.com.


Lighting Tips for People with Low Vision.

Signature Writing: Writing Your Signature When You Have Low Vision.

    Prescription Identification: Ways to manage prescriptions when someone has a visual impairment by Hadley Institute. Kitchen Organization: How to organize the kitchen for easy access when you have Low or No Vision by Hadley Institute.

Cooking Devices: How to use every day cooking devices by Hadley Institute.

Appliance Controls: Using Bump Dots in the Kitchen to Help Figure Out Different Settings on Appliances.

Stove Use and Safety: How to use the stove in a safe way by Hadley Institute.

Food Identification: How to mark food for future identification by Hadley Institute.

Food Preparation: How to Slice and cut things safely when someone has low or no vision by Hadley Institute.

 Measuring Spices and Pouring Things: How to measure spices and Pour Liquids by Hadley Institute.

Stove and Microwave Controls: How to mark the stove and microwave for easy and accurate access by someone with a visual impairment by Hadley Institute.

 Cooking by Frying or Baking: Ways to fry or bake food when you are visually impaired by Hadley Institute.

Food and Meals: Meal Tips for People Who have Low Vision or are Blind by CNIB

Clothing: How to manage clothing by Hadley Institute.

Laundry: Tips on How to Do Laundry with A Visual Impairment

Laundry and Ironing: Tips for Ironing for the Visually Impaired.

Bathroom Organization: Low Vision Quick Tips, Organizing the Bathroom by Hadley Institute

Cleaning: Five tips to be able to clean when you have a visual impairment.

Cleaning: A few ways to keep a clean house when you have low or no vision.


Money Identification: How to Handle and Tell Apart your Money

Money and Coin Identification USA: How to Tell the Difference in Your United States Coins.

Money and Coin Identification Canadian: How to Tell the Difference in Your Canadian Coins,



Sewing and Special Tools: A video about fixing a hole in a comforter by a person with a visual impairment using special needles and such.

Sewing and Cutting Materials: Website of NFB which contains the story of a woman who did all parts of sewing, from cutting material to using a needle with thread.

Makeup Techniques: Ways for Putting on Facial Make up for Women Who are Visually Impaired or Blind

Shaving Facial Hair: Techniques for Men Who Are Visually Impaired or Blind to shave facial hair safely and efficiently.

General Activities of Daily Living: Techniques of Daily Living when Someone is Visually Impaired or Blind.


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