Creating Text Replacements to Reduce Typing on the iPhone on Such A Site

Text Replacements


This page will show you the steps to take to reduce the letters you have to type on phrases or names, or even your email address which you have to type over and over again. You name it and you can do this feature to any typing you do that feels tedious and taking too much time. You can assign just two or three letters, characters, symbols, whatever you want and then have that automatically fill in the longer item instead. For example, I couldn’t stand typing my email address some many times. I did the following and made the shortcut that would type my full email address out when I only type the characters, gs@. After I type those characters, I tapped the spacebar and my full email address filled in the field in a form I was completed. However, I Do want you to remember one thing though, if typing an email, that space you added at the end to make the typing replacement be engaged, has to be deleted from forms and such or it will tell you it is not a valid email address. To do that, just tap the delete key and Ta Dah, the space is gone.


Note: For those of you not using Voice Over, when you read the below instructions, don’t double tap, just tap once. You also don’t have to flick, you can just scroll down the page to get to the item I identify.


Here are the steps to free you from that long typing ever again


1.  Either tell Siri to go to General Settings, or you go to settings yourself and double tap.

2.  Flick left to right to go way down the list to the Keyboard option and double tap with one finger

3.  Then flick left to right to go to Text replacement and double tap with one finger.

4.  Then flick left to right to go to the “add,” option and double tap with one finger.

5.  You will be dropped right into an active text field which is where you type the long item you don’t want to ever have to type out again. That can be anything from a closing phrase like, take care of yourself,” to your email address.

6.  Once you have typed that out correctly, and double check that before you move on, and for those using Voice over, use the roader to change to characters, then flick one finger up a lot of times to go to the beginning of the phrase or email, then flick one finger down and go through the thing you want to appear and listen for each letter and space. Make corrections now or never.

7.  Once really done, then flick left to right until you get to the option, Shortcut optional, and then double tap with one finger to activate the editing field for your special code you will use from that point on for that item. For example, you can use the letters tk for, “take care of yourself,” and then flick right to left until you get up to the option to save.

8.  You can then go to the, “add option,” and add more just like you did, but let’s walk through this one more time.


From the start, these were the steps:


1.   Go to Setting sand double tap one finger.

2.   Then flick left to right to go to General and double tap with one finger

3.   Then flick left to right to go to Keyboard and double tap with one finger

4.  Then to text replacement and double tap with one finger

5.  Then flick left to right to go to the word, “add, “and double tap with one finger

6.  Then type or even dictate what you want to never have to type again. Careful if you are dictating, Siri has been known to make some pretty scary typos.

7.  Then check for errors by using your roader and go to characters. Flick up a lot to get to the start, then flick down to check each letter.

8.  Then flick left to right to the Shortcut option and double tap with one finger.

9.  Then type in the code you will remember when you have not used it for days. Don’t use too many odd combinations or you might regret it.

10.      When done, flick right to let to get to the top where the option, Save, is located.

11.      Then double tap with one finger.

12.      Then back out of the Settings level by tapping the back option at the top of the screen, or use this short fast step. Take two fingers and keeping them together, make the letter, Z, for Zebra, and do it small and fast. That will back you out one screen at a time. When you hear the words Setting Heading, that is as far back as it goes. Then do app switcher to close the Settings app.