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This page is focusing on Audio Description of movies or TV shows. I will provide links for you to learn what Audio Description means, how it came about, some samples, a listing of what audio description movies are available on Netflix, on TV, and best of all, I will provide some links to actual full length shows and movies. Some will have the visual component included, most of the list will just have the audio file as most who are using audio description canít see the visuals to appreciate them when displayed. I have found a few resources which gave me so many more by choosing to list on this page those movies with only the audio description. Please do enjoy any that suit your fancy.


This page is posted by Glenda Such, please feel free to write me at 




What is Audio Description, a definition by Wikipedia


What is the History of Audio Description, from the ADP page link from ACBís site


All movies currently in USA Cinema with audio description . It gives the names, genre, running time, its rating, and a synopsis as well as when the movie was added to the bank of audio described movies. This link will take you to a list that is being kept current by the American Council of the Blind in conjunction with the Audio Description Project.


Guide to current TV Shows with audio description in the USA by the American Council of the Blind, stay up to date on what shows are on TV using this link.


Netflix Audio Description Full list of current offerings




Please Note: The list below have no video component and only the movie sound track with the audio description. The audio description  provides you with a mental image of the scenes.  They are all from Jeff Rutkowski's Webpage. He gives permission to download from his site, I am linking to it for the following and upcoming great movies:







Movies Starting with Number

50 Shades of Grey


Movies Starting With A



A Christmas Story,

A Hard Days Night,

A Poet in New York,

A Room with a View,

A Song for Jenny,

A Very Married Christmas,

About Last Night,


Adamís Rib,



Air America,

Aladdin and the King of Thieves,


All About Eve,

All the Right Moves,


And Then There Were None,

Angel on my Shoulder,

Anna Karenina,


Any Which Way You Can,

Apollo 18,

Area 51.

Arena, The Beatles' Magical Mystery Tour Revisited,

Arthur 2011,

Arthur Christmas,

Arthur Two,


Movies starting with B

Battle of the Sexes,


Beatles Magical Mystery Tour Revisited,

Behind the Candelabra,

Ben Hur.

Beyond88 Keys,  

Black Panther,

Black KKK Klansman,

Bohemian Rhapsody,

Bonnie and Clyde


Bridge on The River Kwai

Burning Rage,

Movies starting with C

Calamity Jane,




Central Intelligence,


Chilean miners 17 days buried alive,

Churchill, , 

Crimson Tide,

Movies starting with D

Darkest Hours,

Dead Poet's Society

Death Wish 1,

Death Wish 2,

Death Wish 3,


 Die Hard 1,

Die Hard 2,

Die Hard 3,

Doctor  Jekyll and Mr. Hyde,

Dog Day Afternoon,

Dragon Fly


Movies Starting with E

Erin Brockovich


Movies starting with F

Finding Your Feet,  

First Light,

Flat Liners (

Fleetwood Mack,

Friends with Benefits,

Funny Girl


Movies starting with G

 George Harrison, living in a Material World,

Good Will Hunting
Gunga Din

Movies Starting with H

 H G Wells, War of the Worlds,



Harry Potter and the Chamber of Horrors,  

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2,

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows part 1,

Heaven Can Wait,

Hello  Dolly

Home Alone,


Movies Starting with I

I know What You Did Last Summer,


Inside Out,

Movies starting with J

J, Edgar,

Jack the Ripper,

Jersey Boys, the music performance

Jesus Christ Superstar,

John Lennon Naked,

Justice League,

Justin Beaverís Never Say Never music performance

Movies starting with K

Karate Kid,

Keith Richards, Under The Influence,

King Arthur, the Legend of the Sword,

Movies Starting with L



Lone Survivor,

Lover Come Back

Movies Starting with M


Mary Poppins Returns

Michael Jackson, Journey from Motown to the World,

Mission Impossible 2

Molly's Game,

Moulin Rouge,

Mrs. Doubtfire


Mutiny on the Bounty,

My Blind Brother,

Movies Starting with N

National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation

No Escape,

No Stop,

Norma Rae,

Movies Starting with O

Of Mice and Men,

Oliver Twist,

One Flew Over the Coo Cooís Nest,

Ozzy Osborn

Movies Starting with P

Panic Room

Pearl Harbor,

Pelican Brief,

Peter Pan The Original, ,

Peter Pan
Pillow Talk

Please Don't Eat The Daisies,


Pretty Woman,


Movies Starting with Q

Quiz Show,

Movies Starting with R


 Red Dawn,

  Remember to Forget

Rocky One,

Rocky Two,

Movies Starting with S

Sergeant Pepper's Musical Revolution with Howard Goodall

 Saving Private Ryan,

She Wore a Yellow Ribbon


Solo, a Star Wars Movie,



Star Trek 12, in the Darkness,

Star Wars - episode I - The Phantom Menace

Star Wars - Episode III - Revenge of the Syth

Star Wars - Episode IV - A New Hope

Star Wars - episode VI - Return Of The Jedi

Star Wars - Episode VII - the Force Awakens

Star Wars - Episode VIII - The Last Jedi

Star Wars Greatest Moments

Star Wars, Empire of Dreams


Steve Jobs,

Stevie Wonder- Songs in the Key of Life

Street Dance 2


Sunshine on Leith

Superman One,

Superman Returns,

Superman Two,

Movies Starting with T

That's My Boy

The DaVinci Code

The Exorcist,

The Genius of Marie Curie, Woman Who Lit up the world

The Heat,

The King and I

The Matrix,

The Miracle Worker

The Perfect Storm

The Sessions

The Silent Child

The Sunshine Boys

The Three Musketeers,

The Rock

The Uninvited,

The Visit

The Walk

The Wind Rises

The Wizard of Oz

The Yearling

The Young Americans

Their Finest

Think Like a Man

Think Like a Man Too

Third Person

Thirteen Days

This is Spinal Tap

This is Where I Leave You

To Have and Have Not

Top Hat

Toy Story 2

Toy Story that Time Forgot


Trespass Against Us

Trial and Error

True Story





Movies Starting with U


Unfinished Business 

Movies Starting with V



Valhalla Rising


Victoria and Abdul

Viva Las Vegas

Movies Starting with W

waiting to exhale

Walking on Sunshine

Walking Tall

War Games

War of the Worlds

War Room

Watership Down


We need to talk about Kevin

We Own the Night

We Were Soldiers

 West Side Story, ,

West World,

 What About Bob?

What Lies Beneath

What Women Want,

Whatever Happened To Baby Jane

When the Bough Breaks

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

White House Down

White men Can't Jump

Whitney, Can I be Me?  

Wind Talkers

Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf



Witness for the Prosecution

Woman Wanted

Women in Love

Women in Love 2


Wuthering Heights

Wyatt Earp

Movies Starting with Y

You can Count on Me

You Don't Know Jack

Movies Starting with Z



The following few movies have both audio description and a video component.


The Lion King, Audio  Description and Video


 Gulliver's Travels, (video description and captions


JANE EYRE, - Full Movie Ė Described and video 


PYGMALION, (1938) - Full Movie - Described with video- YouTube 


ADVENTURES OF HUCKLEBERRY FINN, (1955) Full Movie Ė Described and video





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