In my Opinion, to reduce battery drainage on iPhones:

Glenda V. Such, M. Ed.

1.      In main page of settings, go to Notifications. Turn off all that you can live without. This is the biggest drain on battery as it is searching for things to notify you about continuously, sadly today, you have to turn them off one by one.

2.      Go back to main page of settings and then to display and brightness and turn it to at least less than half and the more under that the more you save,  Then lower down look at Auto Lock and see if you can make that any less time the screen is awake and using power when left unattended, Then turn off raise to wake as it drains power and you only have to tap the home button to wake it up anyway.

3.      Go back to main settings page and go to Battery and then to location services. Tap and go in and turn off what you donít need. Then go to bottom of list to system services and tap and then go to each app and service and turn off what you can, and what you canít in most cases choose to allow while using the app. That makes it stop using battery unless you are using that app like maps, WAYS, and so on, leave compass on usually, turn off significant locations as that is apple watching you to see what adds they can send you. Turn off popular near me, turn off location-based suggestions it would scare you to see what Apple knows about your travels.

4.      Go back to settings main page and then to general: then go to Air Drop and turn off unless you are always sharing with others using this feature. It is searching for people to send and receive to all the time.

5.      On same main page of general, turn off hand off unless your using an iPad or iPod a lot of the time.

6.      Stay in general and go to accessibility: go down to reduce motion and turn that ďONĒ and the animations of the icons for the apps will just act regular and save you battery life.

7.      Still under accessibility, turn reachability off as there is no reason to have that take any power.

8.      Go back to general main page and then to background app refresh. Turn it ďOFFĒ as there is no need for this. It is always having your apps refresh even when they are not running. When you go to the app, it will refresh itself then and that is fine.

9.      Go to setting main page and Turn off WIFI if you are not using it donít just turn in off in control panel

10.   While still in settings main page: Turn off Bluetooth if you are not actually using it donít just turn it off in control panel.

11.   Go to setting main page again and go way down to accounts and passwords and go to where it reads fetch new data then go down to each email account and tap on fetch date and if you donít want to save battery, select the option to check for mail automatically, which drains the most battery, if you want to save battery then select every 15 minutes which takes less batteries, and so on does it less.

12.   Go out of settings completely and then swipe screen left to reveal widgets. Get rid of any you donít really need. They use battery life many times even when they are not actively open.