Audio Description of the Movements and Positions to be used in the Gentle Workout Set by Blind Alive on Such A Site

Please listen to any of the below that would assist in you having a better experience with the sessions in the Gentle Workout Set.


First is the Warm up Phase:

Gentle Workout Set, text of the movements to be done in the workout

Seated and Walking step touch

Seated Chest Neck Pulls

Ankle Circles with Pointed Toes

Chair Core Rotations

Shoulder Elbow Circles

Wrist Rotations and Finger stretches

Wrist Stretches

Neck Stretches

Second is the Cardio Phase:

Walking in Place

Cardio Kicks

Knee Raises

Hamstring Curls

Step Touch

Hamstring Stretch

Neck Stretches


Third Is Upper Body and Core:

Shoulder Rolls

Walking In Place

Wrist Rotations and Finger Stretches

Bicep Curl

Triceps Extensions

Chair Core

Chair Core Rotations

Modified Row

Side Raises

Arm Stretches

Chest Stretches

Neck Stretches


Lastly is For Lower Body and Balance:

Walking in Place

Lower Leg Lift

Inner Thigh Squeeze

Chair Squats

Standing Hamstring Curls

Quad Stretch

Standing Side Leg Lift

Hamstring Stretch