Some Techniques to work with You Tube and JAWS on SUCH A SITE


I was searching and searching for someone to have come up with a way to do just the simple task on You Tube using JAWS. Now, let me qualify this by saying I was  using JAWS 18 and now JAWS 2019 and this is my own work around for my specific needs.


When using You Tube on the Internet,  you can use the JAWS find key which is control and the letter F.


To skip the advertisement, I held down the control key and tapped the letter f to engage the JAWS find feature. I then typed the words Skip ad, and hit enter. Like magic, there it was, skip ad. I hit the enter key and the annoying advertisement  stopped and my video started to play.


To find the pause button, I did the same thing, I held down the control key and tapped the letter F. Then I typed in the word pause. There it was too. I tapped the enter key and it paused. I didn't have to type the play after doing the JAWS find command again because I was still on that button. I only had to tap the enter key and it started to play again. I did this off and on to test this out and it kept working.


I did the same thing to get to the button for the next video. I held down the control key and tapped the letter F for the JAWS find feature. Then I type in the word Next and hit enter. There it was again, all I had to do was tap enter and it went to the next video.


I could go back to the Pause button by once again holding down the control key and tapping the letter F for find. Then I  typed in the word pause and hit enter. I was back on the pause key again and just had to tap it to pause the video.


I did some work on the search option in You Tube and found the best way to go is to list  form fields which is insert F5. The search button comes up in the list before the search edit field so be careful. Once you hit enter on that field, the search edit text field, then you can type in your search words. Then hit enter for it to search.


Here is a tricky part, if you want to get to the list of what it found, it would take using the tab key a bazillion times. I found if I list headings, Insert F6, and then move through the list, I find my results. I should say I find the heading of my result. To go into the result itself, hit enter on that item from your list of headings and then use the down arrow to get the details of the result.



Now you have read the way I am controlling You Tube on my laptop with JAWS.  This may seem too long for you and not suitable for the way you handle You Tube. I would like to ask you If you have any additions to how to use JAWS with You Tube on the Internet, please do write me at


Glenda V. Such, M. Ed.