Siri and Using the Notes App on Such A Site

This page will let you know what features of the Notes App on the iPhone can be controlled by Siri if the correct wording is used.This page is posted by Glenda Such, please feel free to write me at 

Notes Siri can create and add information to a note which Apple has called that part of the note revision as “Edit” notes.


While this may seem out of order by me addressing this issue now, it makes a difference when you want to add to a note.


With that in mind, to edit a note, just be sure when you create the note, start by giving it a name you will remember Also, add the words new line or new paragraph after the name in order for it to be distinctive from the rest of the note.


To create a note:

1.      Say Hey Siri create note Things to ask doctor, new paragraph. Then say what you want to ask the doctor that you remember at that time. Then end with a period and say, new paragraph. You end with a new paragraph so when you start to add or as Apple calls it, edit the note, it will start on a new fresh line.


To edit that note:

1.       Hey Siri, edit note things to ask doctor. Then Siri will usually say, what do you want to add to note, things to ask doctor. Or, it may ask for a confirmation that the note you want to edit is really the things to ask doctor note. If that happens, you just have to say yes. Then start to add the things you have remembered to ask but forgot when you first wrote the note. You can keep adding just like that as many times as you want. Just make sure to end with a period and new paragraph.


To have the note read to you say:

1.       Hey Siri, read note things to ask doctor.

2.      Hey Siri repeat if you wanted to hear it again.


Note: if you do not remember the name of the note, tell Siri to

read notes and Siri will list all the notes and you can pick from the list.


To delete the note, you have to go to the notes app and delete it when you are in that app.


To do extensive editing on a note you will have to go into the notes app an open that note and edit it while in that app.


Note: IF you want to make a grocery list in notes, don’t say make a list of anything. That word placed like that is programmed into the iPhone to make a reminder.


You can say:


1.      Hey Siri, create list of Groceries period, New paragraph and then start to list your items. Remember to say either a comma or period and then say new line after each item That way you will have something that is more like a list and not a narrative.


To add to that same list of groceries, say:

1.      Hey Siri, edit note list groceries and Siri will ask you what you want to add. Do the same thing with putting a comma or period after each item and then say new line.

Samples of other notes you might want to create:

1.      Hey Siri, create note what I spent today, period, new paragraph.

2.      Hey Siri, create note directions to Isobel’s House, period, new paragraph.

3.      Hey Siri, create note, phone numbers, period, new paragraph.

4.      Hey Siri, create note, how to create a note, period, new paragraph.


I hope this give you the ability to use the notes app for taking down information in a fast way that can be added to very easily.