SIRI With Apple Music and Movies CAPABILITIES on Such A Site

This page will give you the commands to have Siri control your Apple Music. This not only includes the volume, and selections, but helping you to find items of your choice and have a way of finding them again. 

These commands for Siri are for those who have a subscription with Apple Music or somehow have their own Music on their iPhone accessible and acting just like Apple Music:


You can ask or tell Siri to do the following commands:


1.       Hey Siri play the song Memories by Barbara Streisand.

2.      Hey Siri play album Living in the Past by Jethro Tull.

3.      Hey Siri switch tracks.

4.      Hey Siri play the last track again.

5.      Hey Siri find music by Beethoven.

6.      Hey Siri find Jazz music from the 1940; s.

7.      Hey Siri increase the volume by 30 percent.

8.      Hey Siri find all the songs by Doris Day.

9.      Hey Siri play the number one hit song.

10.   Hey Siri play all my music shuffled.

11.   Hey Siri play the top song from 1975.

12.   Hey Siri play disco songs.

13.   Hey Siri what Trailers can I see?

14.   Hey Siri play the Trailer and then give the name of one that Siri just listed.

15.   Hey Siri play my Star Wars Movie.

16.   Hey Siri Pause my movie.

17.   Hey Siri resume my movie.

18.   Hey Siri what is the latest thriller movie?

19.   Hey Siri buy the movie Frozen by Walt Disney.

20.   Hey Siri what movies can I see tonight?

21.   Hey Siri find relaxation music with nature.

22.   Hey Siri find Guided Meditation music.

23.   Hey Siri who is this song by but you have to hold down the home button to ask because Siri canít hear you over the music being played. Once Siri answers, Siri will return to playing the song right where it left off.


Again, the things Siri can do is vast but donít ask Siri to list your music because you will probably get the answer, Sorry I canít search your music but you can ask me to play something.