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For Joe’s lesson March 17, 2020



First open email and find the one I sent today.

open it, use the insert and tap the letter A key to get to the attachments.

Do Control A to select all.

Then Control C to copy

Then open File explorer.

To do that hold down the windows key and tap the litter E for explorer.

Then use the Letter O to go to the OS option and hit enter.

Then the letter W for window and hit enter.

Then the M for Media and hit enter.

Then paste the files we copied from the email in the media folder, where we are right now, use control and the letter v for Velcro.



Next, to  change system sounds,

  1. Review the steps to go to the place where sounds are controlled on W 10.
  2. One place is on the system tray, the other is in control panel and you need to hit the windows key and then type change system sounds.
  3. Use Insert F11 to go to the system tray. Then right arrow to go to speakers/ volume and hit enter.
  4. Use up arrow to look at all the items abatable.

We will walk through these parts together and I will put the notes on what we did on this page tomorrow.


We will cover File Explorer, which I sent you an email about the keystrokes.





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