Joanne's Page on Such A Site


Updated on August 7, 2020


Here are some movies with audio description for Joanne to try out. Just hit enter on the any of the movie names below and it will play. You can also use your iPhone and double tap on the names to play them that way too.


A Star is born 2018

Amadeus - Director's cut

beyond 88 keys

Blinded by the Light

Bohemian Rhapsody

Cats (2019)

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, Sword of Destiny (2016)

Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby The Him (2013)

Fighting with My Family

Finding Dory

First Daughter

First Wives Club The

Hamilton (2020)

Isn't it Romantic


Negotiator the 2018 .

Night at the museum 2, 2009

Norma Rae

One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest

Steve Jobs

The Lion King

The Shaggy Dog

Titanic (US, 1997) Amadeus - Director's cut


Here are things for Joanne to find without having to search too much.


Voices for use by JAWS, this is the link to the direct page to download more voices, some of which Aare better than what comes with the program.




Changing how the emails are sorted and displayed.



This is what needs to be done on Joanne's computers:

Joanne computer needs


If not already installed, then install:

Adobe for PDF files

Zoom latest Version


Create Desktop shortcuts to run programs below, as well as create keyboard shortcuts for each of the same following programs:

MS Word 16 = Keyboard shortcut:  ctrl, alt, W

MS Excel 16 = Keyboard shortcut:  ctrl, alt, E

Internet Explorer= Keyboard shortcut:  ctrl, alt, I

Google Chrome= Keyboard shortcut:  ctrl, alt, g

Zoom = Keyboard Shortcut: Ctrl, alt, z


Create Desktop shortcuts for:



File Explorer going to This PC main page

Adobe (for PDF)



 Make all her email accounts work through Outlook 16, defaulting to Verizon Inbox.

Do not have the preview pane up on any mailbox.

Have the ribbon show standard menu options.

Have all mail spell checked before sent out.

Import all of her contacts into Outlook.


.       Make the following her Default programs:

Windows Media Player as the default music player.

Google Chrome as the default browser. as the search engine.


Try to get Microsoft Edge to not come up from Cortana searches.


       Make sure microphone is working.


3       Set Cortana to respond to Hey Cortana.

Set the mail Cortana will check as the mail in Outlook, Verizon account.



.       All programs should run as maximized if possible.


.       no screen saver.

Have sleep time and then needs a password to get in, no less than one hour.


.       Control Panel or Settings:

Make Joanne the administrator by default.

               Make file Explorer come up at This PC

Make recent folders have long list of what files and folders she used lately.

Leave the auto play going to file explorer.


.      Change registry sound to allow for changes to windows start up sounds and shut down sound.