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Because this Website is updated frequently with additional topics and information,  please refresh or reload this website to make sure the most recent version is being displayed. The last update to this site was made on     January 14 2021.  This  website has a broad scope of topics and subjects. A sampling of those subjects include assistive technology, smart phones with their virtual assistants, including Apple's Siri and Samsung's Bixby,   how to use screen readers such as JAWS and the free programs NVDA and voice over , using Zoom Conferencing with a visual impairment, information which could be helpful for people who have a visual impairment or are blind, simulations of various types of low vision, and where to purchase products which might be helpful  for those with a slight vision reduction or a total vision loss. Along with those subject areas are pages on audio described movies, exercises which are audio described, Mindfulness Practices, Acupressure, sounds of nature, trivia facts, Emojis useable for both Windows and the Apple platforms, information about the workings of the human brain, and facts about the ADA and Rehabilitation Act of 1973. As stated before, there are new subject areas added frequently to this website and upon returning to this site, it is important to refresh or re-download this website to make sure the most current version is being viewed.

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iphone: using  , customizing, Get useful tips, and repairing/replacing components of both iPhones and iPads

Voice Over: Apple's  Built-in Speech Output To Use All iPhones/iPads  And Many Apps Without Using Eyesight

Siri, Learn To Use It In Your Daily Life , Get Useful facts, And What To Say To Be Amused By Siri

Samsung owners,  learn about Bixby, how to use it , it's your built in virtual assistant, a competitor of Siri.

Mindfulness Guided Meditation, Be in the Present, Have Less Stress, Be Kind To Yourself And Your Body

Audio Description, find links to Hear Movies And Their Sound Tracks, learn movies on Netflix and in theatres

Watch Videos Simulating How People With Some of the Different Forms of Low Vision See their Environments. 

Acupressure: Where To Press to relieve All Types Of Pains, Stress, And To   Boost The Immune System

Exercise Workouts, Chair Yoga, Cardio Workouts, and More Which Are All Fully Audio Described.

What you should know When Glasses Cannot  Correct a Vision Problem, Resulting In Low vision, And/Or Legal Blindness

Resources, Research, Benefits, Organizations, Services,  Independent Life Skills, Terminology, Self-Help, and more for Low Vision and Blindness.

ADA and The Rehab Act of 1973, FAQs for Students, Employees, Service Providers, Events, and Small Businesses

Employment - see the 35 Search Engines for Finding General Jobs or Ones Just in Your Field


    All About the Brain, how it Works, Memories, and more.

Nature Videos: Real Life Sounds and Videos of The Ocean, Birds, Forests,  

Check out Apps For iPhone/iPad Reviewed by Glenda Such, a Visually Impaired User, and See the Tips for Their Best Use with Voice Over.

Products for People Who Are Visually Impaired or Blind, See the List of Vendors Specializing In Sales of Products That Talk, have Large Print, and/or are Brailled.

Financial Assistance: benefits, grants, other forms of Financial Help from various Sources for various needs 

Learn how to Live Life More Independently With Low or No Vision by Checking out the How To Videos For Lots of Daily Living Areas.