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Last update to this page was made on Sunday, September 28, 2020.


Learning about your iphone SE, purchased by you around August 18, 2020.


1.  To close an app, do app switcher, pressing the home button twice fast, then slide three fingers up the screen to close the first app, then slide three fingers up the screen to close the next, and keep doing it until you think all are closed.


2.  To check if all apps are closed, do app switcher, pressing the home button twice fast, then listen for voice over to say, app switcher has no items.


3.  To move from one app to another, flick one finger in either direction and listen for what it says Diana.


4.  To start an app, otherwise known as either opening or launching an app, tell Siri to open the app you want, or, flick one finger until you hear the apps name, then tap one finger twice to open it.


5. To play music, tell Siri to play the song you want, or the artist you want, or the sound track you want. To pause the music, tap twice with two fingers. To resume playing, tap two fingers twice. It is a toggle switch.

Since you have Apple Music on your phone, here are some music items to try out, just say the following to Siri :

Play music from the seventies.

play music from the sixties.

Play the sound track from the movie Fame.

Play the west Side Story sound track.

Play Paul Simon music.

Play Billy Joel.

Play Earth, Wind and Fire.

Play Micheal Jackson.

Play Neil Simon.

Play Moody Blues.

Play dance music from the eighties.

Play soft instrumental jazz music.

Play the Newsies sound track

 Play the Chorus Line Sound track.


If you want to hear something to make you laugh, you can have Siri play albums by comedians by telling Siri to:

Play David Brenner.

Play George Carlin

Play Robin Williams

Play Carol Brunette.




6.  To find some Mindfulness guided meditations on my website, just say one word to Siri, that word is Mindfulness. It will then take you to the part of my website about Mindfulness. You have to flick one finger left to right to get to the links with the recordings you want. Listen for the ones with Bonnie Butler, she is great, I do mean great. When you get to hers, tap one finger twice fast. It will take a moment but will load and start to play for you. To pause it, do the same thing you do in music, tap twice with two fingers.






Movies for you only in audio format, no video at all:

A Wrinkle In Time

Castaway (starring Tom Hanks)

The Godfather

Dog Day Afternoon (starring Al Pacino)

Superman the remake with Christopher Reeve)

Star Trek 1 The Motion Picture


Tell me others you would like to hear, I bet I can find them for you.