Siri and How to Change its Voice to Other Accents, Languages, and genders on Such A Site

This page will walk you through changing Siri's voice to other accents or languages. You can have a female from America or a male from Australia, or a male from United Kingdom or a female from Scotland, and many other options. See the instructions on this page to make the change to your preference at any given moment.



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Changing the Voice of SIRI

Making Changes in Siri voice,


For the real personalizing of   the parts of Siri that can be EASILY changed and you really want to be a little extended with customizing, you can go to the changes of Siri and change aspects of Siri that few people know about. If you are curious, then proceed one more step!


1.    Again, while you are in “Settings” then “Siri” then go down the page until you get to “Siri voice” and it will probably bead set at American female. You can try out the Australian and the British one too, mine is the Australian female voice just for kicks.

2.   To make the change, go to the line that reads “language “and see what it is set at, the default in the U.S. is English, you can change that if you want.  To be challenged by Spanish or such

3.   If you would like to change her accent which is fun, go to the next line that reads, “Siri Voice” and you can double tap and seethe what now is only three choices. The default is American I think, there is “Australian,” “and “British” but there might be more in OS 11 to select one, just double tap on it.  There is also the option to make it female or male.  You can just double tap on any of them to hear them and if is just too silly, double tap on the American again if that is what you want.

4.   To Give it a little personal touch, the next item is simple and allows Siri to refer to you by name many times and to use not too deep of things from your personal information. Know things around you in relationship to where you are located, your birthday, and all the rest. The line that read “my info” might already have your name listed.  If not, double tap, the contact list will pop up and then go to your contact name, double tap and the I phone will return you to the page on the Siri options, and will now read “my info and your name.”

5.   As always and forever, you must back out by double tapping on the line that reads with a word that is followed with the word “back” behind it and double tap on that line. You must do this every page the “back” word is behind a word, screen by screen dependent upon how deep the option was in the “Settings” of the I Phone. ant If you do not, the change will not hold when you are using the feature.