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If you own a Samsung device, chances are you have the feature of their virtual assistant. They call it Bixby and it is much like Siri, Alex a, and Google Home. In some instances, by the end of 2019, some reviewers have rated Bixby higher than all the others.  Bixby is available on many Samsung cell phones and appliances such as some of their TV sets, refrigerators, and more. The list of which cell phones have Bixby as a feature to operate the phone hands free and to do most anything is at the bottom of this page.


When using Bixby, there are two ways to ask Bixby questions or give it commands: first, Bixby will respond when the Bixby key is pressed and then you can say your question or give it your command. The Hi Bixby is the other way and it can be enabled by launching Bixby Home, then selecting More Options, then Settings, and then Voice wake-up.


Below are videos providing overviews of the features of Bixby, its benefits and potentials, how to set it up, lists of things you can ask Bixby, as well as comparisons between Bixby and other virtual assistants.


A full overview and guide to using Bixby to do what Siri and the other virtual assistants do.

How to setup Bixby on your Samsung phone

How to setup and use Bixby on your Samsung smart TV made more understandable.

Bixby on Samsung Televisions: a page describing the features and commands to use Bixby as well as a screen reader. .

How to create Quick Commands for Bixby.

Testing Bixby from Samsung against Siri from Apple.

Below are some things you may say to Bixby on Samsung phones:

 Hi Bixby, show me today's weather.  

 Hi Bixby, show me tomorrow's weather.

 Hi Bixby, do I need an umbrella tomorrow morning?  

 Hi Bixby, how tall is Mount Everest?

 Hi Bixby, how do you spell restaurant?  

 Hi Bixby, what sound does a cat make?

 Hi Bixby, what's my battery level?  

 Hi Bixby, listen to today's news.

 Hi Bixby, what's on my calendar today?  

 Hi Bixby, add an event on Monday at 7 am.


Hi Bixby, turn negative mode on, it then reverses the colors.

Hi Bixby, turn negative mode off, turns colors back to normal.

 Hi Bixby, take a picture.  

 Hi Bixby, calculate 5 plus 10 times 4.

 Hi Bixby, scan a QR code.  

 Hi Bixby, scan text and translate it to Spanish.

 Hi Bixby, open Bixby Vision and show nearby places within 100 miles or yards of me.  

 Hi Bixby, take a screenshot.

 Hi Bixby, open Facebook.  

 Hi Bixby, show my most recent app in split screen.

 Hi Bixby, add a new card to Samsung Pay.  

 Hi Bixby, get me an Uber to Seoul airport.  

 Hi Bixby, tell me how long it will take to get to the nearest gas station.



What commands does Samsung Bixby understand?

Hi Bixby, call Andy.

Hi Bixby, video call Paul.

Hi Bixby, send a text to Adam.

Hi Bixby, show recent call history with Jimmy.

Hi Bixby, show Andrewís contact information.

Hi Bixby, call the most recent number.

Hi Bixby, show missed calls.

Hi Bixby, show the call duration until now.

Hi Bixby, block the last number called.

Hi Bixby, add the last number called as a new contact.

Hi Bixby, delete all missed calls.

Hi Bixby, add John to speed dial 2.

Hi Bixby, show me the Contacts tab.

Hi Bixby, move all my contacts to Secure Folder.

Hi Bixby, show Quick decline messages.


Hi Bixby, open Camera.

Hi Bixby, change camera mode to panorama.

Hi Bixby, take a picture in panorama mode.

Hi Bixby, take a picture.

Hi Bixby, record a video.

Hi Bixby, turn on the front camera.

Hi Bixby, turn on flash.

Hi Bixby, turn on HDR.

Hi Bixby, show me pictures.

Hi Bixby, apply deep filter.

Hi Bixby, turn on Tracking AF for the rear camera.

Hi Bixby, change Grid lines to 3 by 3.

Hi Bixby, take a picture and share it.

Hi Bixby, adjust the shutter speed of Pro mode.

Hi Bixby, select 10 seconds for Timer and take a picture.

Hi Bixby, open Messages.

Hi Bixby, show me the most recent message.

Hi Bixby, pin the conversation with the most recently received text.

Hi Bixby, forward the most recent text to David.

Hi Bixby, share the most recent text.

Hi Bixby, delete the most recent text.

Hi Bixby, show me the texts I received today.

Hi Bixby, read me the texts I received today.

Hi Bixby, search texts with the keyword Adam.

Hi Bixby, send a text that Iíll be late in the conversation with Jimmy.

Hi Bixby, delete the text that says See you.

Hi Bixby, take a picture and send it to the conversation with John.

Hi Bixby, send Janeís contact info to Andrew.

Hi Bixby, delete all message drafts.

Hi Bixby, set message font size to the maximum.


Hi Bixby, remind me to take medicine at 3 pm.

Hi Bixby, show me my most recent reminder.

Hi Bixby, show me my completed reminders.

Hi Bixby, delete all of my reminders.

Hi Bixby, set all of my reminders as completed.

Hi Bixby, change the color of my most recent reminder to blue.

Hi Bixby, add my most recent picture to the most recent reminder.

Hi Bixby, complete this reminder.

Hi Bixby, save my parking location.

Hi Bixby, delete the Shopping reminder.


Hi Bixby, open YouTube.

Hi Bixby, show me the videos trending.

Hi Bixby, show me my subscriptions.

Hi Bixby, show me all channels Iíve subscribed to.

Hi Bixby, record a video and upload it.

Hi Bixby, search for Android Authority.

Hi Bixby, add this video to my favorites.

Hi Bixby, connect to my TV.



List of Samsung Devices which include or are compatible for the Virtual Assistant, Bixby:


Samsung Galaxy S10 series

Samsung Galaxy S9 series

Samsung Galaxy S8 series

Samsung Galaxy S7 series

Samsung Galaxy S6 series

Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e

Samsung Galaxy J3 (2016)

Samsung Galaxy J5 (2016)

Samsung Galaxy J7 (2016)

Samsung Galaxy J3 (2017)

Samsung Galaxy J4 (2018)

Samsung Galaxy J5 (2017)

Samsung Galaxy J7 (2017)

Samsung Galaxy J7+ (2017)

Samsung Galaxy J6 (2018)

Samsung Galaxy J6+ (2018)

Samsung Galaxy Note Fan Edition

Samsung Galaxy Note 8

Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Samsung Galaxy A80

Samsung Galaxy A70

Samsung Galaxy A50

Samsung Galaxy A30

Samsung Galaxy A9

Samsung Galaxy A8 Star

Samsung Galaxy A8

Samsung Galaxy A7

Samsung Galaxy A6 series

Samsung Galaxy A 8.0

Samsung Galaxy A10.5