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This is the website of Glenda Such, feel free to write me at  I am pleased to say this Website is being updated daily with additional information and the last update was made on March 20, 2019.  The focus of this website is to provide multiple forms of resources, information, new concepts, and even some entertainment.  Below is a table listing some of the topics I have in the site to date, then below the table are the links to go to the pages for the actual information on the topics




  iPhone, manuals, ways to save on battery drainage, interesting tips and tricks, and many suggestions


  Voice Over guides, tutorials, how-to videos, as well as how to use certain apps with voice over.


 Siriís useful capabilities to help you, and 140+ questions to get funny or interesting answers


  Audio Description, what it is and how it came about, and 130 movies you can hear from links on this site.


  Acupressure you can do yourself to relax, heal your body and your mind 


 ADA and Rehab Act of 1973, they may help you or someone you know.


Low Vision, Visually Impaired and Blindness Definitions, Explanations, resources,  information, Simulations, Suggestions, and research.

  Employment Search Engines, and job boards   for various professions or labor fields.


Brain, its parts, how it works, what makes us able to think, body memories, sympathetic fight/ flight system.


   Mindfulness Guided Meditation, recordings to relax, sleep, reduce anxiety, gain awareness of breath.


  Eyes and Ears, their parts and how the systems work, and how do we detect colors and hear certain sounds.








The alphabetized links below take you to the pages where those topics are addressed:



Acupressure Points you can do yourself for everything from boosting your Immune System, to relieving pain, to reducing stress, to helping you sleep.



Americanís with Disabilities Act and the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, overviews, how it Impacts Students Entering Post-Secondary Institutions, How it Effects Employment Opportunities, What Cases has the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission Had on Issues Relating to Blindness or Low Vision, What are the Legal Questions being asked by Employers about Hiring or Retaining Someone with a Visual Impairment and What Legal Answers are They Getting, What Resources are Available for People with Visual Impairments for their Legal Rights under the ADA and the Rehab Act of 1973. Those are just a few of the Topics you will find if you click or enter on this link.



Apps which I have found interesting for anyone to use, and are also accessible for someone using voice over. The apps cover a wide variety of uses which are too long to cover here. I provide my opinion of the app and a very basic review of how it  works and a link to the app on the Apple app store. Click on this link to find out which apps I recommend.



Audio Description, a full page of informational links to learn what it is, how it began, the listings of all current audio described movies in the cinemas, on TV and on Netflix, and many links directly to movies with audio description. Some of those movies have both audio description with the video part of the movie also shown, and others with the audio Description alone for those who donít require the video to enjoy a movie.  Click on this link to check them all out.



Brain and its parts, how it Works Including Memory Storage and body memory, how thoughts are made, and the Sympathetic and parasympathetic Nervous System, as well as Information on a few other Body Systems such as the Respiratory, Nervous, and the blood vessel system.  Click on this link to learn all about the Brain and the other systems.



Do You Know Why Something is called a Certain Name? Do you Know some Things Have Names When You Never Knew They Did? Are you  using Things The Correct Way they Were Made to be used or Eaten? Do you Know What Myths are untrue? Click or enter on this link and have fun with the trivial bits and pieces of life. This is my page to find out if you know about the little things in life which might be a bewilderment, or, we might be doing something not in the way it was intended. I have compiled a page of videos which go over these items.  Click or enter on this link to learn all about these things. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did in finding them for this page.



Emojis That Work on Windows and Apple/Mac Platform with their full meanings and can be cut and pasted from this site for your use.  Click on  this link to learn of and paste the right expression to your messages.



Employment       Resources for Job Seekers. A Huge List of Job Search Engines and Job Boards Specific to Various Fields and Professions, From Technology, to the Health Industry, to the Non-Profit Environment, to the Wide Range of the Arts, to the Restaurant Field, to Jobs in the Government, and on and on. Click on this link to see the page which is extremely long and your Interest May be Many Pages Down from the Start. The list Overall is Over 12 Pages Long.



Face book Keyboard Shortcuts which can be used by anyone including those using a screen reader. Click on this link to see the document copied from Face book's Help Section.



Financial resources list for assistance with eye care the costs of medications by patient assistance programs through drug manufacturers, and assistance with finding resources to aid in affording a service animal.  Click on this link to see if there is anything for you or someone you know.



International Organizations, Services, Agencies, and Offerings for People who are Visually Impaired or Blind. The links on the page you will go to by clicking or entering on this link will provide you with the names and contact information for reaching out to them for information or services. The countries included are extensive thanks to several sources I tapped into for this growing new part of my site.



iPhone and a little iPad.  This includes user's guides for iPhone 6 through   the iPhone 10.  Also, there are instructions to be able to make changes in some of the iPhone settings, such as the Siri voice, new mail and new text tones, battery draining components, how to create text replacements, customizing your phone, and more. There is an audio lesson by me on how to dictate using Siri and proper punctuation. Click on this link to see all that is on the page for iPhone users. For those wanting information about Voice Over, see the Voice Over link at the bottom of this page that lists  all the  links on my site.



JAWS, (Job Access with Speech) Screen Reading Program, with links to reference sheets, You Tube Videos, and many Webinars by Freedom Scientific on using JAWS with a wide variety of programs as well as how to work with Amazon and Target.  Click on this link to learn more about JAWS.



Keyboards with iPhone and iPad, includes an audio recording describing the key layouts and some of their basic functions, a video which gives a full list of the Keystroke Commands with the Bluetooth keyboard on the iPhone and iPad for navigation, editing, mailing, surfing the web and more.  Click on this link to find out more about this topic.


Low Vision, Visually Impaired, and Blindness related medical Information, Resources, Agencies, Organizations, Services, Research, Vision Simulations, Sports Organizations, Rehabilitation Techniques, Benefit Finders, Discounts, and more. Click or enter on this link to find all of those items.


Mindfulness Guided Meditation with a Single Voice or A Voice with Music and the Sounds of Nature for self awareness, relaxing, sleep, and self appreciation. Click on this link to explore these recordings and information.




NVDA, a  Free Screen Reading Program, this page  covers everything from Downloading the program Link, through the Userís Manual to the Instructional Videos on using NVDA created by the American Foundation for the Blind.  Click on this link to learn about this free program.


Siri Commands and Capabilities. A complete list of all the things Siri can do to let you be more informed, on time, communicative, as well as amused. Click on this link to see the page which is linked to documents I created



Stargardts Eye Disease, Information from Diagnosis to research to potential future treatments.  Click on this link to learn more about this rare eye disease.



Understanding the Ear, its parts,  the Hearing System and how we hear certain sounds. Click on this link to learn more about the way people hear.



Understanding the Human Eye, the parts and how they Function, also How do we have depth perception and what does the eye have to do with seeing Color? Click on this link to get the answers to that question and more.



Vendors, a comprehensive list of those who Sell products which Might Be Helpful for People who have low vision, are visually impaired, or are functionally or totally Blind. This includes vendors selling Assistive Technology, Canes, Talking Products, Large Print Products and much more.  Click on this link to explore what is available through these vendors.


Voice Over on the iPhone and iPad. This will take you to a page of many instructional videos and lessons specifically designed for helping users with the Voice Over program. This will include many videos by the Hadley Institute and also other instructors on using Voice Over with various apps on the iPhone and iPad. It also will provide instruction on using Voice Over itself.  This page will always be growing not only with additional videos but with lessons I will create or provide that other instructors have created. Click on this link to find all those items.




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