This is the website of Glenda Such, feel free to write me at For those of you who have written in the last year, please write me again. I now am able to respond in a timely fashion.


I am pleased to say; this Website has been totally revised from the previous version of the Such A Site website. It is being updated daily with additional information and the last update was made on January 21, 2019.


There will     be several pages on technology, including the use of the iPhone and some of the iPad with many different apps for which I will give my opinion. I will give a full summary of things that Siri can do when asked correctly. Then some basic trouble shooting methods for problems of the iPhone. 


I will also be sharing all types of other information on a wide variety of other areas of personal interest. This includes but is not limited to, Mindfulness and Guided Meditation, Acupressure for all kinds of health needs, Brain and its parts and Functions, how we are able to think and how memories are formed, what are body memories, what are the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems, and many other Body systems. There are also pages on other topics such as, NVDA, which is a screen reader for Windows that is totally free and works wonderfully, audio description, what it is and even some links directly to some full length audio described  movies, a huge list of emojis that work on all platforms, JAWS Screen Reader reference sheets and links to Webinars on how it works with various programs, Resources for People who have a Visual Impairment, or are functionally or totally Blind.  This includes Resources for Obtaining Products that might be useful in their lives or resources for financial Assistance for Eye Related Issues or the Costs of Medications.   There is a page on the Human Eye and how we see and the human ear and how we hear. A page is dedicated to Stargardt's Disease as that is what I have myself. I am adding other eye conditions with time and you should watch for one that might be of interest to you. Take a look below and see what keeps being added to the site. The pages themselves are expanding daily so what you see today may be only part of what will be there tomorrow or the day after.


Below are the links to subpages of SUCH A SITE where you will find the information I have on those topics:


iPhone and a little iPad.  This includes user's guides for iPhone, 6, 6s, 7, 8, and the iPhone 10.  Also, there are instructions to be able to make changes in some of the iPhone settings, such as the Siri voice, new mail and new text tones, battery draining components, how to create text replacements, and more. There is also an audio lesson by me on how to dictate using Siri and how to include punctuation. There are many items for those who use Voice Over to access the iPhone or iPad due to a visual impairment or blindness. That includes how to do most anything the iPhone can do.  


Siri Commands and Capabilities. A complete list of all the things Siri can do to let you be more informed, on time, communicative, as well as amused. See the page which is linked to documents I created


Keyboards with iPhone and iPad, includes an audio recording describing the key layouts and some of their basic functions, a full list of the Keystroke Commands with the Bluetooth keyboard on the iPhone and iPad for navigation, editing, mailing, surfing the web and more.


Apps which I have found useful for anyone to use that are also accessible for someone with a visual impairment or are blind. These range from the commonly known apps to the less known apps I have found for my own interests or the needs of some of my students and friends. I provide my own opinion of the app and a very basic review of how it works. I then provide a link to the app on the Apple app store. This page is being posted while still in the creation phase because of the immediate needs of many people for this information.


Acupressure Points for everything from boosting your Immune System, to relieving pain, to reducing stress, to helping you sleep.


Mindfulness Guided Meditation with a Single Voice or A Voice with Music and the Sounds of Nature


The Brain, the parts, how it Works Including Memory Storage and body memory, how thoughts are made, and the Sympathetic and parasympathetic Nervous System, as well as Information on a few other Body Systems such as the Respiratory, Nervous, and the blood vessel system.


Financial resources list for assistance with eye care as well as the costs of medications by patient assistance programs through drug manufacturers.


A Comprehensive list of Vendors Who Sell products which Might Be Helpful for People who have low vision, are visually impaired, or are functionally or totally Blind. This includes vendors selling Assistive Technology, Canes, Talking Products, Large Print Products and much more



NVDA Free Screen Reading Program Page that covers everything from Downloading the program Link, through the Userís Manual to the Instructional Videos on using NVDA created by the American Foundation for the Blind.


Audio Description, a full page of informational links to learn what it is, how it began, the listings of audio described movies on Netflix, and some links directly to movies with audio description. Some of those movies have both audio description with the video part of the movie also shown, and others with the audio Description alone for those who donít require the video to enjoy a movie.


JAWS, (Job Access with Speech) Screen Reading Program, with links to reference sheets, You Tube Videos, and many Webinars by Freedom Scientific on using JAWS with a wide variety of programs as well as how to work with Amazon and Target.


Stargardts Disease Information from Diagnosis to research to potential future treatments.


Understanding the Human Eye, the parts and how they Function, also How do we see Color?


Understanding the Ear and the Hearing System


Emojis That Work on Windows and Apple/Mac Platform with their full meanings and can be cut and pasted from this site for your use.


Note: there are some graphics on this page which have not yet been coded for accessibility. They are two animated rolling signs with the words welcome in colorful letters on a black background. One on each side of the name of this site, such a Site. Also there is an expanding silver bar dividing the narrative by me from the start of the links to the other pages of my site.